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Insurance Litigation/Property Damage Litigation/ First Party Litigation

If your home has recently suffered damage from water or fire or a hurricane or other types of loss you rely on your insurance company to provide you with the money you need to fix the problem. You expect that you can do so. You have been paying premiums on your insurance policy so when you need them to provide you with assistance they should do so.

Reporting and handling of an insurance claim can be a daunting process and very frustrating to an insured property owner. You have many rights as an insured property owner when your home is damaged by a plumbing break, fire, hurricane, or other types of loss, but you also have many responsibilities to your insurance company. If you don’t comply with your responsibilities under your insurance policy the insurance company could seize upon this to deny your claim. These responsibilities could include, among others, providing a recorded statement to your insurance company, providing your insurance company with documents that they request, and appearing for an examination under oath. The insurance company will have experienced attorneys and adjusters on their side. It’s important that you have an experienced advocate on your side.

Insurance policies can be different depending on your insurance company and the coverage options you selected when you applied for insurance. Your insurance policy could have exclusions or limitations that could affect your ability to be compensated for the full amount of your loss. It is important that you have someone helping you who understands how an insurance policy works and what potential issues could arise with your specific insurance policy.

Our firm strives to negotiate fair resolutions in insurance disputes, and we have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to successfully litigate complex cases in court if the insurance company fails to adequately compensate without the filing of a lawsuit. Property insurance coverage cases tend to be very fact-specific and require extensive investigation and expert analysis and support. Our team is fully committed to doing everything possible to ensure our clients receive a fair and just result.

We are experienced in helping homeowners navigate the insurance claim process. We can assist you from the start in reporting the claim, having the amount of damage properly determined, negotiating the claim with your insurance company, and filing a lawsuit on your behalf if your insurance company denies your claim or offers you an unsatisfactory amount of money for your claim. Even if your claim has already been denied or you feel that you were not adequately compensated for your damages we can still help you in prosecuting your claim.

We offer a free case evaluation, free policy evaluation and free property inspection services to collect all the information we need to fight for your denied or under paid claim.

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Assignment of Benefits
Emergency mitigation and damage restoration companies throughout Florida are under attack when it comes to compensation for their services. Homeowners who ask for your emergency mitigation and damage restoration services sign an assignment of benefits that allows for you to bill their insurance companies for the damage.

All too often insurance companies are unwilling to pay for the damages or under pay the damages leaving the invoice unpaid or under paid.

Carrillo & Carrillo, P.A. represents companies that perform emergency

Bad Faith Litigation
If have recently made a claim to your insurance company to provide you with benefits under your insurance policy and the claim was denied without proper consideration by your insurance company you may have a bad faith claim. Insurance companies sometimes fail to properly investigate a claim in a timely manner, fail to attempt to settle a claim in good faith, deny a claim without proper investigation or inadequately delay payment of claim. Insurance companies engaging in these tactics may be acting in bad faith and may be held liable for the damage caused. The premium payments that you have made on your insurance policy should provide you with proper consideration by the insurance company of your insurance claim.

While there can be many reasons why an insurance company may choose not to honor your claim there should not be a haphazard approach when it comes to analyzing your claim. You have a right to get compensation for your property’s damages and the process to obtain it may be too complicated if you choose to go it alone.

We at Carrillo & Carrillo, P.A. are experienced in fighting insurance companies that unreasonably deny claims, under pay claims or improperly delay claims in the state of Florida.

We offer a free case evaluation, free policy evaluation and free property inspection services to collect all the information we need to fight for your denied claim, under paid claim or improperly delayed claim.

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